Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tempting offer

At the end of his long screed attacking Krugman, Cliff Asness writes:
Now for a real prediction: Paul will continue to be mostly wrong, mostly dishonest about it, incredibly rude, and in a crass class by himself ...... That is a prediction I'm willing to make over any horizon, offering considerable odds..........Any takers?
Asness is conflating two predictions: Krgthulu will be
1.  mostly wrong, mostly dishonest about it, and
2.  incredibly rude, and in a crass class by himself

One would be safe betting against Asness on prediction 1, and clean up on those long odds offered if the bet were judged fairly, but how about prediction 2?  The assessment here would be purely subjective. What many of us see as justifiable snark (to draw people's attention to important policy decisions made and not made) apparently hurts Asness's fee-fees, so if he's the one who gets to define "incredibly rude, and in a crass class by himself" - well, I guess he'll want your money on the bet.

Now if only he made the offer on prediction 1 only......

Update: Krgthulu gives one justification for his style:
Making fun of billionaires who are clueless about economics, and lack the menschood to admit their mistakes, serves a couple of functions. It reminds the audience that being rich doesn’t mean that you know what you’re talking about; it also provides other rich people some incentive to think before they speak, and maybe even do some homework before preaching to the rest of us. I’m snarky for a reason.

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