Friday, October 10, 2014

More non-apologies

In the 2012 campaign, Mr, Romney claimed that under his policies if he were president, unemployment would be down under 6%, and 12 million new jobs created by the end of his first term (four years) -  contrasting his policies with that of President Obama.

Now in 2014 (two years after the 2012 campaign), unemployment is at 5.9%,  there have been 11 million new jobs created, and we're on track to reach 12 million in just a few months.  So under President Obama's policies (at least those that haven't been undercut by an obstructionist congress), one of Mr. Romney's four year goals has been accomplished withinin two years, and the other expected to be accomplished in a little over two years.  Or to put it another way - Mr, Romney was promising in his campaign that he would slow the rate of job growth, and maintain a higher unemployment rate longer compared to the president's policies.

I've yet to hear a Republican apologize for supporting Mr. Romney and his slow growth, employment slowing policies, now that the comparative results are in.

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