Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Democrats' rhetorical Deficiency, ctd

Republicans are pushing through new "right to work" legislation in their ongoing effort to destroy the last vestiges of union (i.e. working people) power.

And who could be against the right to work?  Another example of the Republicans' ability to frame an issue, and the Democrats' rhetorical failure to respond.  It would not take that much to respond effectively in a way that makes the issue clear. For instance, when the expression "right to work" is used, it could jeeringly be referred to as the "right to be exploited".

Think back to George Bush's use of the term "death tax" to describe the estate tax (aka inheritance tax).  Who could be for a "death tax"? Again, a jeering reframing could make clear what the GOP is up to by referring to legislation to reduce/eliminate the estate tax as the "making rich kids richer bill".

It's really not that hard!

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