Wednesday, January 14, 2015

"....people as demented as I was are running the show."

Frank Schaeffer, son of Christian evangelist Francis Schaeffer, regrets his past  in helping the Republican Party win over the evangelicals by promising to make abortion illegal again.
We were leaders participating in various meetings with Congressman Jack Kemp, Presidents Ford, Reagan and Bush, Sr., when the unholy marriage between the Republican Party and the Evangelical Reconstructionist-infected “pro-life” community was gradually consummated. Dad and I — as did many other evangelical leaders like Jerry Falwell — met one on one or in groups with key members of the Republican leadership quite regularly to develop a “pro-life strategy” for rolling back Roe v. Wade. (Senator Jesse Helms named Dad as his favorite author when asked by the American Spectator magazine to name his favorite books.)
And that strategy was simple: Republican leaders would affirm their anti-abortion commitment to evangelicals, and in turn we’d vote for them — by the tens of millions. Once Republicans controlled both houses of Congress and the presidency, “we” would reverse Roe, through a constitutional amendment and/or through the appointment of anti-abortion judges to the Supreme Court or, if need be, through civil disobedience and even violence, though this was only hinted at at first. In 2016, the dream we had will become a reality unless America wakes up. The Republicans are poised to destroy women’s rights.
Schaeffer has come to see how misguided he had been.  Unfortunately, similar realization has not been widespread in Republican circles.  Schaeffer laments:
As I said, in the 1970s we were outsiders asking for change. The change came and now people as demented as I was are running the show.
Yes, the demented have both houses of Congress now.....

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