Thursday, March 22, 2012


I continue to be aggravated by the Democrats' complete ineptitude when it comes to messaging, and in articular their failure to mount even the most obvious replies to attacks by Republicans.  If only they'd asked me....

For instance, when Romney says that "all the economy needs to grow is for government to get out of the way," the obvious response is "Government got out of the way of the financial industry - and look what happened as a result!"

And when Romney and Gingrich say that "under President Obama's policies the price of gasoline has doubled," the obvious response is (worded better, but in essence) "Yes, gasoline prices did fall when the economy tanked.  Now that President Obama's policies have resulted in a recovering economy, gasoline prices are also going back up to their previous level. So yes, President Obama's policies have indeed resulted in a higher gasoline prices, and Republicans could indeed bring gasoline prices down - all they have to do is tank the economy again.  And their stated policies will do just that."

But are we hearing anything like this from the Democrats?  Hah!

So - aaarggghhh!

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