Tuesday, September 6, 2011


The USPS is going bankrupt, they tell me.

A time of high unemployment (like now) is not the time to be laying off yet more working people, but looking ahead to a time when we are back to full employment, I have to ask:  why do we need 6 days a week mail delivery? (Particularly for residential mail.)  I check my mail service box twice a week or so - that keeps me sufficiently up to date with the few things that still come in the mail, while matters that need immediate attention come through email or telephone.

I would suggest that when the economy has settled down, we change to twice a week mail delivery for home delivery: say Monday and Wednesday to half the addresses covered by a sorting station, and Tuesday and Thursday delivery for the other half.  Perhaps businesses could have mail three times a week - MWF and TuThS.

By changing and consolidating delivery routes, it should be possible to cut the number of mail carriers down by half, if not more, saving the USPS a bundle on labor costs.

(As I said earlier, I'm not advocating doing this right now.  I'm not in favor of layoffs in a time of already staggeringly high unemployment.)

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